Yuma Area

February 8, 2024

Join SCS Engineers for the 20th Annual Yuma Area Ammonia Safety Day in Yuma, AZ on February 22.

The purpose of  the Yuma Area Ammonia Safety Day is to provide individuals with the opportunity to receive information and training from agencies and safety professionals; to network with  professionals who are experts in their fields; and to develop relationships with vendors and others from the entire arena of the ammonia industry. Topics this year include:

  • Reminder – Why We are Here – A Review of Recent NH3 Accidents and Consequences
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries and Energy Storage Systems
  • Managing Medical Emergencies
  • Basics of Ammonia Refrigeration
  • Playing it Safe at the Workplace
  • Ammonia Monitoring Systems
  • Fundamentos de la Refrigeración por Amoniaco
  • First Steps of Emergency Response – Clipboard Readiness Package Development
  • Operacion de la Planta de Vacio

Click here for schedule, registration, and other safety day details.



Posted by Brianna Morgan at 9:20 am