Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans


Do you need a new or updated SPCC plan?

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires facilities that use, manage and store oil to prepare and implement Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans. The SPCC requirements apply to most facilities that have total aboveground oil storage capacity of 1,320 gallons or more.

New Amendments
In 2002, EPA released over 100 pages of amendments to existing SPCC rules. Throughout the 2000s, EPA issued several subsequent revisions and deadline extensions.

As a result of these changes, facilities that have existing SPCC Plans must update them to comply with the new regulations by November 10, 2011. Most updated SPCC Plans must be certified by a professional engineer (PE).

Not limited to spill planning, the EPA amendments require some facilities to modify their petroleum storage and distribution equipment and spill control systems to comply with more stringent requirements under the amended SPCC regulations. Facility upgrades and other components of the updated SPCC Plans must be fully implemented by November 10, 2011.

 SPCC Amendments Summary

Highlights of the amendments to the SPCC regulations include:

  • Clarification of criteria used to determine who must prepare an SPCC Plan.
  • New requirement that aboveground storage tanks and underground piping must be periodically tested.
  • Expansion and clarification of design, performance and PE certification requirements for secondary containment systems.
  • New requirements for corrosion protection of underground piping.
  • Clarification of requirement for some mobile facilities to have SPCC Plans.
  • Modification of storm water management and record keeping requirements.
  • Clarification and expansion of requirements for routine facility inspections and associated record keeping.
  • Modification of training requirements for employees that handle petroleum products.
  • Modification of requirements for periodic SPCC Plan reviews and updates.
  • Clarification and expansion of requirements for Professional Engineer’s role in SPCC Plan preparation and certification.
  • Clarification of owner’s responsibility for training and implementation of SPCC Plan.

Compliance Deadlines 

Strict deadlines:

  • Modified SPCC Plans for existing facilities: by November 10, 2011.
  • Plan implementation, including facility modifications and upgrades: by November 10, 2011.
  • SPCC Plans and implementation for new facilities: before beginning operations.

Deadlines reflect the October 2010 extensions granted by EPA.

SPCC Plans and SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers is a nationwide environmental engineering and consulting firm. We have been providing petroleum management, planning, training, design, construction, and spill response services since the 1970s. Our professionals have prepared and certified hundreds of SPCC Plans, including many under the 2002 amendments to the SPCC regulations.

SCS provides related services, including preparation of Facility Response Plans, Oil Discharge Contingency Plans, Integrated Emergency Response Plans, design of petroleum storage and distribution systems, closure of existing systems, spill response and remediation, PE evaluation and certification of secondary containment systems, compliance assessments, permitting and other regulatory assistance.

SCS Engineers provides services for facilities ranging from small service stations and repair shops to bulk petroleum storage and distribution facilities with capacities in excess of 100 million gallons.

Please contact , or call (800) 767-4727, for a referral to an SCS Engineers office near you.