December 14, 2020

SCS Energy: Landfill Methane to Renewable Natural Gas, 5.1 Million Gas Gallon Equivalents of RNG Annually

The New River RNG facility will capture and convert approximately 1,900 dekatherms per day of landfill methane to renewable natural gas (RNG), which is enough to offset emissions from 7,500 passenger cars annually. Fortistar, a privately-owned investment firm addressing global environmental challenges, and the New River Solid Waste Association ...

November 16, 2018

SCS Energy: CALGREN Digester Gas Utilization to RNG Using Dairy Feedstock

CALGREN Digester Gas Utilization  SCS designed a 2,500 scfm dairy digester gas to a renewable natural gas (DG-to-RNG) plant in Pixley, California. The product gas capacity is 2,100 MMBtu/day. SCS also provided assistance in equipment procurement, construction oversight and startup/testing. SCS provided the supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) ...