Comprehensive Professional Engineering and Consulting for Solid Waste Landfills

SCS Engineers provides the Manatee County Solid Waste Division (MCSWD) with comprehensive landfill and solid waste consulting services under a multi-year continuing general engineering services contract dating back to 2006. SCS is the current Engineer of Record for Manatee County and sole contracted provider of engineering, operation and maintenance services at the active Lena Road Landfill and their closed Erie Road Landfill. An example of some of the projects we have supported the MCSWD with include the following:

  • Disaster debris management support for the County after Hurricane Irma, including full-time debris collection, project and contractor management. Prepared daily GIS-based field reports, including trucks in the field and tons collected. Managed three centralized debris management sites for three months and provided final disposal documentation, including all reports needed for FEMA reimbursement.
  • Designed, built, and currently operating a 1.2 MW landfill gas to renewable energy power plant that utilizes the landfill gas from the Lena Road Landfill to produce electricity to operate the Southeast Water Reclamation (SWR) facility.
  • Title V air permit renewal applications and modifications to include the landfill gas to renewable energy engines and updating operational conditions for the sludge dryer that uses the landfill gas.
  • LFG feasibility study to ascertain potential uses of excess landfill gas generated at the Lena Road Landfill. The study included data compilation and gas generation modeling, developing landfill gas to energy potential end-use options, and ultimately providing a landfill gas to energy feasibility determination.
  • Three GCCS System Expansions at the Lena Road Landfill. Design, permitting, bid phase services, construction management, CQA services during construction, and preparation of the Certification of Construction Completion Report for FDEP.
  • Compliance support for the landfill gas collection system at the Lena Road Landfill. This support includes using in house staff to operate and maintain the wellfield, quarterly surface emission monitoring, and perimeter probe monitoring—semiannual and annual compliance reporting and on-call services.
  • Annual Financial Responsibility Cost Estimates compute the landfill volume consumed during the previous year and updates the remaining capacity.
  • MCSWD utility annual report since 2016. The report includes evaluating the solid waste management facilities to verify compliance with revenue bond requirements and operational requirements for infrastructure and facilities subject to review.
  • On-call Services and Repair – Non-Routine technical assistance to maintain and operate the landfill gas control system, including the blower and flare; includes emergency and non-emergency call out services from items as simple as replacing a sample port to repairing a header line.

Report Preparation:

  • Semiannual water quality monitoring report for the Lena Road and Erie Road Landfills.
  • Technical water quality monitoring report for the Erie Road Landfill.
  • Stabilization report for the Erie Road Landfill.
  • Operation permit modifications to address revised fill sequencing for the Lena Road Landfill.
  • NPDES permit renewals and monitoring and reporting requirements for the Lena Road Landfill.
  • Waste Tire Permit renewal applications.
  • Updates to the facility Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan as needed.


Outcomes and Benefits

The landfill gas project’s implementation of landfill gas to renewable energy plant provides both environmental and economic benefits. Based on the engine’s landfill gas usage rate, the emission reduction from the destroyed methane results is approximately 50,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year. The plant, completed on time and within budget, is an operational 1.6-MW power generation facility operation. The renewable energy plant saves the County an estimated $1M in energy costs annually.

Our decades-long relationship means SCS is informed and equipped to fully deliver what the County wants to achieve and understand its priorities. SCS is committed to Manatee’s success.