Meet Hydrogeologist Meghan Blodgett

November 20, 2015

SCS Engineers presents a behind-the-scenes look at the special people who make us thrive and the roles they play within the organization.

megan blodgett
Meet Meghan Blodgett, Hydrogeologist at SCS Engineers – Madison, WI

Meghan Blodgett has always been interested in science and the outdoors but it wasn’t until she took a Geology course at Amherst College that she realized she could integrate both of her interests into a career.  After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Geology and her master’s degree in Hydrogeology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Meghan started her career at SCS Engineers as a hydrogeologist.

Meghan says her favorite aspect of working at SCS is the variety of projects that she is involved in.  From large complex developments to smaller remediation assignments, Meghan has been able to work with a number of clients on very diverse sites.  Working at SCS is never boring, she says. No two clients or projects are the same.  Furthermore, her field is constantly evolving and she has to stay on her toes to stay ahead of new laws and regulations.

Meghan says she genuinely enjoys what she does every day.  The work in the field and her interaction with the field staff is a very hands-on experience she would not have been able obtain in a classroom.  She explains that while there are busy seasons throughout the year when numerous projects come up at one time, her project managers are great at distributing the workload and encouraging her to be involved in different ventures.

Management constantly inspires employees to develop professionally, so Meghan has taken additional courses and has been able to continue her education using SCS’s tuition reimbursement program.  She is also preparing to take the Professional Geologist exam in spring of 2016.

When asked what has made her a successful SCSer and if she can provide advice to any future employees, Meghan states, “Don’t be afraid to speak up.  If you see an opportunity you want, ask about it.  If a project manager has a project you’re interested in or there is a class you want to take, don’t be afraid to go after it.  The managers will most likely say yes.”

Join the SCS team!
Join the SCS team!

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