Dusty Books: Implementing Your RMP/PSM Program

In his article Daniel Cuevas provides good advice about keeping your RMP/PSM program from getting dusty. The general take-away is that for each task completed at your facility, there should be an associated documented record of that task stored somewhere on-site.

Records can start to pile up quickly and could become lost or scattered. Daniel recommends storing PSM/RMP records for the facility in one place for easy access. A good indicator of healthy PSM/RMP programs is a breadcrumb trail of completed records that date back for years.

Daniel reminds us that , PSM is a 13-element program (14 if you include Trade Secrets). Add in the extra components of the RMP and you have a lot to deal with. Use the requirements set forth in the RMP regarding a management system to build your PSM/RMP team.

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