Methane Intrusion Risks – Understand mitigation requirements for new and existing developments – Vonasek – Nov. 2015

During the last several decades, methane gas has been a central issue in discussions around greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on air quality and global warming. However, methane is not limited to its effect on the atmosphere. It can also be found in subsurface soils, sometimes within densely populated areas. In locales where the potential for subsurface methane exists, many states and local governments adopted regulations to mitigate any potential threat of subsurface methane intrusion when building or modifying existing or new developments. If the gas is present in the soil and goes unmitigated, the intrusion can cause a fire or even an explosion.


Written by David Vonasek, P.E., senior project manager with SCS Engineers. David has more than 30 years of experience in landfill gas methane management and mitigation. He is primarily responsible for design and project delivery for SCS Engineer’s solid waste clients in the Southwestern U.S. region. and  civil + structural Engineer magazine, November 2015, Vol. 2 Issue 8


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