Wisconsin’s Profitable Sustainability Initiative, ABA-SEER Newsletter, May 2015

Wisconsin’s Profitable Sustainability Initiative – PSI

by Ray Tierney, PG, CEEP

The PSI sustainability model is a program that was developed to demonstrate the wide range of economic, social, and environmental benefits that can be realized by Wisconsin’s small and midsized manufacturers through the implementation of sustainable business practices. SCS offers these program services in Wisconsin and throughout the nation.

Wisconsin’s small and midsized manufacturers faced what appeared to be a gap between sustainable environmental practices and profits. Manufacturers lacked the time, resources, and knowledge to identify and implement profitable sustainable manufacturing programs.

To address this “gap” and promote best sustainable practices among Wisconsin manufacturers, the state developed a program for its manufacturers called the PSI Sustainability Model. The program was developed to demonstrate the wide range of economic, social, and environmental benefits that could be realized by Wisconsin’s small and midsized manufacturers through the implementation of sustainable business practices. It is a comprehensive, proven program that cuts costs while enhancing the resource efficiency of the supply chain.

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