Construction and Demolition Recycling, Inc. Wins Major Award for Innovative Recycling Solutions

July 14, 2014



LONG BEACH, CASCS Engineers is pleased to announce that Construction and Demolition Recycling, Inc. (CDR), is being recognized by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) for their innovative recycling solutions. SWANA will present CDR with a 2014 Excellence Award in Recycling next month at SWANA’s annual WASTECON conference in Grapevine, Texas.

Tenant improvement and remodeling projects generate what is termed “hard” and “soft” materials. Almost every construction and demolition (C&D) debris processing facility separates and recycles the “hard materials,” such as concrete, asphalt, metals, and dimensional lumber, along with some of the plastics. However, most facilities do not recycle the “soft materials,” such as drywall, particle board, plywood, carpet, acoustic ceiling tiles, and other materials derived from interior projects.

CDR was founded specifically to address the needs of construction contractors by pioneering new methods of recycling both hard and soft materials. Commercial interior construction and demolition debris are difficult to recycle and are generally not recycled at standard facilities. CDR processes more than 36,000 tons per year of both hard and soft C&D materials, keeping nearly 31,000 tons of waste out of landfills.

“With a facility average diversion rate of more than 84% of all incoming debris, CDR more than satisfies the stringent California landfill diversion mandates. We’re delighted that our client is being recognized for their positive environmental impact and success treating this type of debris as a stand-alone waste stream,” said Michelle Leonard, Vice President and Director of Sustainable Materials Management at SCS Engineers.