County of San Diego Awards SCS Field Services Contract for Regional Landfill OM&M

January 18, 2022

The Jamacha Landfill, shown here, is one of ten landfills under the care of SCS Field Services an SCS Engineers practice and core competency.


San Diego, CA – SCS Field Services, the operations, monitoring, and maintenance (OM&M) practice of SCS Engineers continues over 25-years of support for the County of San Diego following a competitive bid process for a yearly contract with four option years.

The environmental firm provides comprehensive landfill services for ten closed landfills in the region. Landfills contain complex subsurface systems requiring environmental specialists – a core competency at SCS that furnishes technical, administrative, professional labor, supplies, materials, equipment, transportation, and training to perform and complete the care and safety for each landfill.

When open, landfills serve an essential service and want to remain “good neighbors” following closure. Several of the County’s closed sites are near residential or business areas where controlling odors and gas migration is key to sustaining that relationship as a good neighbor. Landfill conditions change constantly; the Field Services experts are onsite daily and work closely with SCS Engineers’ professional scientists, hydrogeologists, and engineers. The comprehensive team uses technologies specifically designed for landfills to monitor air emissions and gas concentrations, proactively keeping environmental conditions safe, well within strict state and agency guidelines.

“We’re with our client daily, and it helps us be part of the County’s team, not just a contractor,” says Brian Duffy, SCS’s OM&M Regional Manager. “We strive to provide the most efficient service and systems now while thinking about the long-term benefits for the County.”

A closed landfill means it no longer takes in refuse, but acres of land remain for redevelopment later. Reuse options range broadly from recreational uses such as parks, wetlands, even ski slopes to different building structures. Using SCS’s sustainable approach to landfill care keeps surrounding communities safe by continually protecting air and water qualities and is part of the process of returning the land to a natural resource.


About SCS Engineers and SCS Field Services

SCS Engineers’ environmental solutions and technology directly result from our experience and dedication to industries responsible for safeguarding the environment as they deliver services and products. SCS Field Services provides OMM services at over 600 landfills across the nation. For more information about SCS, please visit the SCS Engineers website.