August 2, 2006


Long Beach – The 2006 list of awards given by Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has been released. This year, Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. (IRS), located in Southern California, has been selected to receive two SWANA awards: the Waste Reduction, Recycling & Composting Division’s Gold Award, and the Special Waste Division’s Recycling System Silver Award. SCS Engineers takes pride in being a consulting member of the IRS team.

As a demolition contractor and hauler, IRS has complete control over the waste stream from the start of the job through the final residual debris going to landfill. IRS diverts 72% of all debris generated, diverting materials not even being considered by most other facilities.

As one might expect, steel, copper, aluminum, concrete, asphalt, and cardboard are regularly diverted. However, IRS has researched and found markets for drywall, used cabinetry, carpet, ceiling tile, and office furniture. In fact, they ship 9,600 tons of drywall, 140 tons of ceiling tiles, and 350 tons of carpet for recycling each year.

The IRS donation program has steadily grown to an average of 1,400 tons of salvaged materials donated every year to many non-profit organizations that have no other outlet. To date, IRS has donated more than 3,400 tons of materials to charities and the requests from non-profits are steadily increasing as the word gets out. IRS seems to fully live up to their unwritten motto of, “You can’t go wrong by doing what is right”.

The award will formally be presented to the team at SWANA’s Awards Luncheon to be held in conjunction with the program activities of WASTECON 2006, September 17th – 21st in Charlotte, North Carolina.