Escambia County Selects SCS Engineers for Title V Air Compliance

September 13, 2018

Title V of the Clean Air Act requires waste management facilities to obtain and operate in compliance with the federal permit, assuring environmentally safe air quality. Escambia County certifies successful compliance at regular intervals.

Nick Bayanzay, Dan Cooper, and Brent Schneider of SCS Engineers help keep Escambia County’s landfill compliant with state and federal regulations.

Cantonment, FL – A large part of safely running waste management operations is meeting the Federal Clean Air Act standards. Escambia County’s achievements include consistently maintaining full compliance with all applicable federal and state air regulations. The County recently hired SCS Engineers to support the review and reporting of all gas data collected at the facility and to prepare and submit Title V Compliance reports.

The County has a rigorous selection process; ultimately, choosing SCS Engineers based on their reputation as one of the longest and successful landfill gas and renewable energy practices in the United States, and the largest in Florida. The firm uses a handpicked team who understands the intricacies of air regulations and is at the Perdido Landfill regularly. The team uses SCS eTools a landfill gas database software system for accurate collection and reporting.

Dan Cooper, a Professional Engineer in Florida, leads the SCS team, composed of individuals providing Title V support to both public and private sector clients for a combined 40 years. Each team member successfully works with federal and state regulators, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

SCS Engineers is at the forefront of the upcoming revisions of the USEPA New Source Performance Standards and the impact it could have on state programs in Florida. SCS is part of the Solid Waste Association of North America’s (SWANA) technical committee that tracks and meets with the EPA to discuss proposed changes and how they affect the industry.

Dan Cooper leads the SWANA-Florida landfill gas committee; he is conversant with current state regulations and regularly presents and publishes on landfill gas engineering and Title V compliance topics. In this capacity, SCS is ready to support the Perdido landfill’s transition to new regulations if the state of Florida releases new emission guidelines incorporating Subpart XXX into the Florida Title V permits.