SCS Engineers Expands Landfill Gas System Services in Yolo County

June 16, 2022

Woodland, CA — SCS Engineers announces it will continue providing landfill gas systems operations and monitoring, design, and management for the Yolo County Central Landfill (YCCL) site. Key in the SCS Engineers’ bid is the firm’s reputation for identifying innovative yet practical strategies to optimize the performance of landfill gas (LFG) systems and equipment. Optimized systems capture more gas.

SCS Field Services, a specialized landfill, and LFG practice provides monthly Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring (OM&M) of the LFG system. The firm provides on-call services related to the design, construction, quality assurance, and permitting of the gas collection and control systems. Project Manager Mike Calmes will lead the comprehensive team at YCCL.

YCCL has five closed waste management units, five active waste management units, and one under construction. Even closed landfills continue generating gas, so active or closed, they all require oversight by SCS Field Services’ specialists.

“Ongoing changes to landfill environmental regulations and their infrastructure are complex. SCS and the County understand the importance of preventative strategies using landfill data to create sustainable environmental controls that keep landfills within changing regulatory compliance,” said Anton Z. Svorinich Jr., SCS Engineers Vice President, Regional OM&M Manager.


About SCS Engineers and SCS Field Services

SCS Engineers’ environmental solutions and technology directly result from our experience and dedication to industries responsible for safeguarding the environment as they deliver services and products. SCS Field Services provides OM&M services at over 600 landfills across the nation. Please visit the website for more information about SCS and our landfill technologies.