SCS Engineers Expands Phoenix Office Expertise to Meet Environmental Consulting Demand

May 3, 2022

Tempe, AZSCS Engineers, an award-winning environmental consulting firm, is expanding the firm’s Phoenix, Arizona office to meet the growing demand for sustainable environmental engineering. The most recent hires are Mike Bradford, senior professional engineer; Cynthia Neitzel, professional engineer; Taylor Goins, field services; and Samantha Montgomery, a technical associate who works as part of SCS’s comprehensive team.

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Goins provides clients with landfill gas monitoring and other related environmental monitoring services, helping them reduce operational costs and protect air quality. He also operates and maintains other environmental pollution control systems.

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting

Montgomery’s focus is to prepare monthly, semi-annual, and annual greenhouse gas reports, along with processing and analyzing the data associated with those reports. She specializes in air quality compliance and permitting, particularly for landfills.

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting

Bradford brings more than 20 years of experience in civil engineering and project management. He has been the principal engineer and engineer of record for a wide range of public and private sector capital projects in Arizona and across the country for solid waste landfills and other public works civil projects.

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting

As a landfill project manager focusing on landfill gas collection and control systems and compliance reporting, Neitzel brings more than 20 years of experience. She has a background in landfill design, construction quality assurance, and air quality permitting and compliance.


“Mike and Cynthia bring invaluable experience creating and overseeing environmental solutions for municipalities and businesses, which provide essential services in our region,” said Pat Sullivan, senior vice president of SCS Engineers. “They, along with the rest of the team, join SCS to serve our clients who are actively seeking to protect public health and the environment as part of doing business, whether that’s remediating property, operating a landfill, or running a fuel station.


About SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers’ environmental solutions and technology directly result from our experience and dedication to industries responsible for safeguarding the environment as they deliver services and products. For more information about SCS, please visit the SCS Engineers website.