SCS Engineers Promotes Luke Montague and Christopher Crosby

September 20, 2023

San Diego, CASCS Engineers announced promotions for Luke Montague and Christopher Crosby, both based in the San Diego office. Luke Montague will serve as Director for Environmental Services in the Southwest. Chris Crosby becomes the San Diego Office Director of regional environmental services. The Southwest region covers California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Mexico.

“Luke and Chris provide sustainable brownfields and land remediation support as environmental consultants who know regulatory policies so well that they provide safer and faster remediation strategies — better for the community and a developer’s construction schedule and budget,” states Pat Sullivan, SCS senior vice president.

luke montagueMontague is a Professional Geologist and licensed contractor with a Master’s in Environmental Science and Management from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Montague has over two decades of experience on thousands of projects in his fields of expertise, which include environmental consulting, general contracting, and development.

The Industrial Environmental Association recognized Montague and his client with the “Success in Collaboration” award for the Encinitas Community Park project, a collaboration between SCS Engineers and the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health for the design-build of the Encinitas Community Park in the City of Encinitas, CA.

christopher crosby

Crosby is an environmental consultant with almost two decades of industry experience and is an SCS National Expert on Emerging Contaminants. He earned his MBA at the National University in San Diego. Crosby recently published an article titled “The Evolving Concern of PFAS at Airports” in AviationPros Magazine. His professional expertise includes PFAS investigations, environmental site assessments and remediation, and brownfield redevelopment.

Crosby’s COMM22 brownfield redevelopment project has received multiple accolades, most recently EPA’s Region 9 Phoenix Award in 2023.


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