SCS Engineers’ Solavann Sim Named a Waste360 “40 Under 40” Award Recipient

March 8, 2017

Waste360’s “40 Under 40” awards program recognizes inspiring and innovative professionals under the age of 40 whose work in waste, recycling and organics have made a significant contribution to the industry.

Solavann Sim, SCS Engineers

Long Beach, CA – SCS Engineers celebrates as another Young SCS Professional is honored as a Waste360 40 Under 40 Award recipient. Solavann Sim, Project Director and OM&M Western Regional Manager was honored this week when Waste360 announced their 2017 award winners. The award showcases the next generation of innovative leaders shaping the future of the waste and recycling industry.

Sol was nominated for his dedicated attention to clients and his ability to get right to the root of a problem creating quick, efficient solutions that prevent unsafe conditions, damage to infrastructure, and the loss of potential revenue. A recent example came about after Sol received a call from a landfill client who was having liquids management issues that were compromising the client’s flare. Sol understood that the situation could harm the landfill gas (LFG) collection and control system, so he immediately went to the site to investigate. Sol quickly diagnosed the problem, sketched a preliminary solution, and then worked with his OM&M team to resolve the issue.

Sol does not overdesign solutions, he gets right to the root of a problem and creates safe solutions that work fast and efficiently and preserve potential revenue. Sol’s LFG design-build and operations experience, along with his knowledge of hydrogen sulfide treatment programs, help public and private sector clients prevent and mitigate potential problems quickly. However, it is more than his comprehensive technical and field competence that wins awards. Sol’s good reputation and trustworthiness are in direct correlation with his hands-on work experience in the field and his intimate understanding of all facets of LFG, from design-build to OM&M.

“Sol is well organized, smart, and has the entrepreneurial spirit we value at SCS. He is the kind of person we place in a leadership role,” stated Jim Walsh, SCS Engineers President and CEO. “Sol’s sense of responsibility and ownership has helped him move into increasingly responsible positions in the firm: from Project Manager to Project Director, and now to Regional Manager.” In 2016, the SCS Board of Directors confirmed Sol as one of the firm’s National Experts in Liquids Management, a strategic part of many of SCS’s LFG solutions. Sol is also the youngest member of SCS’s Strategic Initiatives Committee.

Since starting with SCS in 2013, Sol has become a licensed Professional Engineer in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. In addition to OM&M, Sol designs approximately 15-20 landfill gas solutions per year. He participates in several strategic initiatives within SCS and is on a Board Committee to examine other potential opportunities for the company. Sol also supports SCS’s training program to help foster the firm’s talented Young Professionals – through field experience and a broad understanding of the LFG business – to support SCS clients and the waste industry in the coming years.

A panel of expert judges from Waste360 evaluated the nominations and consulted with an external advisor to select the finalists and winners for this highly competitive and prestigious award. Solavann Sim and the other honorees will receive their awards at WasteExpo North America’s solid waste, recycling and organics industry event, May 8-11, 2017, in New Orleans.