SCS Field Services Selected to Install Methane Gas Recovery System at the Houston County Solid Waste Landfill in Kathleen, Georgia

March 6, 2009


Perry, GA – The Houston County Commission (Georgia) has selected SCS Field Services, a division of SCS Engineers (SCS), to implement and construct the methane gas recovery system expansion at its county landfill. It will take about eight months to complete the project that includes drilling 49 gas extraction wells, installation of piping, and new blower flare station in the now-closed phases 1 and 2 of the 200-acre landfill.  The site is located on Georgia State Route 247 in the southeast part of the county.

SCS Field Services installed the existing landfill gas system in 2003.

“We already have an active system working in phase 1, which was closed in 1990. Now we’re expanding and placing new wells in the phase 2 area, which is a 38-acre section that was closed last year,” County Director of Operations Tommy Stalnaker said.

The County is in final negotiations with Flint Energies on a contract for the power company to establish a generating plant at the landfill that will use the methane to fuel the generators to produce electricity.

“The estimate is that we’ll have enough methane for them to generate electricity for several thousand homes,” said Commissioner Tom McMichael.

Stalnaker said county officials had also talked with companies wanting to use the methane for power or heat at local industries such as Frito Lay and Houston American Cement before deciding to focus on Flint Energy.

Commission Chairman Ned Sanders said because electricity produced from landfill methane is considered green power, it can earn credit for the county in various programs designed to limit carbon emissions and decrease the use of fossil fuels.