SCS Hires Eric Williams To Lead Southwest Brownfield Services

April 13, 2023

Long Beach & San Diego, CA – SCS Engineers announced the firm hired Eric Williams to lead its brownfield strategy in the Southwest today. Williams works from two locations, Long Beach and San Diego.

Williams brings nearly 40 years of experience and is a recognized expert in land recycling. Williams spent the first half of his career working on brownfield properties for top consulting firms. He then worked for a specialty lender to developers in the brownfield sector and went on to own several development companies that successfully acquired and redeveloped contaminated properties.

“Eric significantly boosts SCS’s holistic and integrated approach to brownfield redevelopment,” said Julio Nuno, SCS Senior Vice President of Environmental Services in the Southwest. “His insights from property assessment through cleanup, financing, insurance, grants, entitlements, and rezoning for highest and best use are unparalleled. Eric has seen it all and can help clients with the full range of services to identify brownfield opportunities and successfully complete redevelopments.”

Williams’ expertise extends comprehensively across all three pillars of brownfield redevelopment – real estate, environmental, and finance- enabling him to bring value to SCS clients from acquisition through redevelopment.

“Eric and his team will help SCS’s clients unlock the full potential of their brownfield properties,” said Nuno. “Through proper cleanup and entitlement, our clients can increase the value of their contaminated property while lowering the risk. Rather than an albatross, these properties can be gold mines if managed properly. That is what Eric will bring to our clients.”


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