University of New Hampshire Engages SCS Energy to Design/ Construct/Operate a $15 Million Landfill Gas Processing Facility

September 18, 2007


The University of New Hampshire (UNH) has engaged SCS Energy (SCS) to design/build/operate an advanced technology landfill gas processing facility.  The facility will convert raw landfill gas (530 Btu/ft3) to a clean, near pipeline quality, product gas (910 Btu/ft3).  In addition to increasing the energy content of the landfill gas, the facility will remove moisture, hydrogen sulfide, siloxane and other deleterious compounds from the landfill gas.  The design inlet capacity of the facility is 7,000 scfm (10.1 mmscfd).  UNH will utilize the product gas in its existing combined cycle combustion turbine power plant and to satisfy other energy requirements on its campus in Durham, New Hampshire.

UNH’s energy demand varies seasonally and excess product gas will be available for much of the year.  SCS evaluated the technical and economic feasibility of using the excess product gas and recommended installation of a 4.4 MW simple cycle combustion turbine power plant at the University’s existing power plant.

SCS has selected QuestAir to supply pressure swing adsorption equipment and recommended Solar Turbines to supply the combustion turbine.

SCS is currently operating a 2 mmscfd landfill gas processing facility which provides product gas to the University of California at Los Angeles for use in UCLA’s combined cycle combustion turbine power plant.  SCS also operates a 9 mmscfd facility in Dallas, Texas which converts landfill gas into pipeline quality gas for sale to a natural gas transmission company.