Arthur Jones

Mr. Art Jones is a Vice President and Senior Project Manager who provides hands-on mechanical, construction, and operational experience for maintaining and testing landfill gas (LFG), groundwater, and leachate collection systems for over two decades. He has supervised, managed, and/or worked on numerous projects that included operation, maintenance, and reporting of LFG collection systems; and building of specific extraction systems, passive LFG barrier/vent systems, groundwater pump-and-treat systems, leachate collection and control systems, and automatic methane gas detection systems. He has also managed data and reporting requirements for six Title V landfills in Northern California, and worked as a liaison with most environmental agencies at the state, regional, and local levels.
Mr. Jones has participated in construction and major upgrading and/or overhaul of LFG collection, leachate collection and control, and groundwater pumping systems. This work has included trenching, pipeline installation (both PVC and HDPE), installation of condensate collection facilities (lines, sumps, pumps, etc.), extraction well drilling and/or construction, and installation of blower/flare station components, storage tank facilities, and activated carbon systems. Mr. Jones has managed, supervised, and worked on migration control and recovery system projects as well as groundwater pump-and-treat O&M projects and leachate collection and recovery projects. He has provided sample collection for laboratory analysis for various matrices.