Bill Lape

Mr. Lape is a Project Director for the Risk Management Group in our Tracer Environmental Division. His responsibilities include outlining project budgets, organizing project schedules, and quality control. He is experienced in the development and deployment of standardized Risk Management and Process Safety Management (PSM) Programs, including process safety program implementation and PSM support to manufacturing facilities that utilize ammonia as a refrigerant. Prior to joining SCS, he served as Director of EHS Programs and Compliance for Dean Foods were he directed a team of professionals who provided PSM/RMP support, as well as support for storm water, wastewater, and air permitting at the company’s facilities.
Mr. Lape’s experience includes developing EPA Risk Management Program submittals for EPA review and approval, all aspects of preparing a PSM program, including participating in Process Hazard Analyses and preparing qualitative risk analyses. Mr. Lape is also experienced in developing Process Safety Information packets, drafting Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, writing Standard Operating Procedures, and developing and conducting initial and refresher training for Ammonia Refrigeration Operators.
Mr. Lape has also been involved in auditing PSM programs, performing over 20 audits since 2015, helping to ensure that facilities are keeping their employees and the public safe, while maintaining compliance with regulations. In addition to auditing the safety and compliance programs for ammonia refrigeration facilities, Mr. Lape is often requested to audit the mechanical integrity of those systems.