Brian Morrison

Mr. Morrison joined SCS in 2007. He currently serves as a Regional Health and Safety Specialist, providing Health and Safety training for all SCS Field Services Employees in the Southwest (Southern California, Nevada, Arizona), Mountain (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah), Midwest (Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas) Regions, as well as various SCS Engineers and SCS Energy employees located within those same regions. In addition Mr. Morrison provides Heavy Equipment Certifications for SCS Field Services Employees throughout the U.S. He has played a major role in developing SCS’s internal Health and Safety Training Program, including creating training materials/presentations, creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and conducting Health and Safety field audits/inspection throughout the Southwest, Midwest and Mountain Regions.
Mr. Morrison has also served as a Senior Project Superintendent performing various project management duties, including bid preparation, business proposals, and the onsite coordination and supervision of the installation of landfill gas (LFG) collection systems (including extraction wells, collection piping, leachate recirculation piping, leachate evaporators and flare systems), at landfill locations throughout the U.S. He has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the installation, operation and maintenance of landfill gas collection systems along with serving as the Operations Manager for a large municipal landfill in Texas.
Mr. Morrison is well trained in LFG collection system design and installation procedures, project CQA, safe work practices, heavy equipment management and operations methods. This expertise significantly enhances his ability to provide effective health and safety services for SCS employees and clients.