Brittney Odom

brittney odom

Ms. Odom is a Vice President of SCS Engineers and the Regional Director of our Southeast Region Environmental Services Practice. She has experience directly managing small to large scale projects that include emergency response; environmental site assessment and characterization; remedial pilot testing, construction, installation, operations, and maintenance; regulatory negotiations; and compliance. She also conducts large scale assessments and remediation of arsenic-impacted sites to useable residential properties. Additional experience includes conducting performance evaluations, and implementing performance management processes. Additionally, she served as the primary client contact on assigned projects which involved building and maintaining professional relationships with clients.
Ms. Odom has experience conducting environmental site assessments, overseeing remediation activities and submitting regulatory reports including Phase I & II assessments for sites in Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, The Bahamas, Barbados and The Cayman Islands at retail gas station properties and bulk storage terminals for large oil companies.
Additional highlights of her professional career include a strong knowledge of applicable Florida Regulatory Chapters and Standard Operating Procedures. She has experience in state and international cleanup efforts and associated regulatory procedures. She participated in successful environmental closure efforts, which imposed engineering controls and property restrictions.
Ms. Odom is also experienced in managing subsurface investigation and conducting oversight during remedial activities including source removal and remediation system installation.