Charles Hostetler

Dr. Hostetler has nearly four decades of experience as an engineer and hydrogeologist. He has diverse experience in coal combustion residue (CCR) and solid waste management permitting, design, and construction projects. His areas of expertise focus on supporting electric utilities, property owners and developers, solid waste facility owners and operators to meet demands for addressing environmental changes and impacts on their operations.
Dr. Hostetler is an experienced hydrogeologist specializing in groundwater management for active and closed landfills, including groundwater monitoring, statistics, reporting, and permitting, as well as design sampling and analysis plans and implementing special groundwater studies. He is also experienced in the collection and treatment of landfill leachate, PFAS in liquid streams, groundwater and surface water, and industrial and municipal wastewater. Additional experience includes storage tank investigations and closures.
He is also an experienced wetlands program manager, including for active landfills. His wetlands experience includes identification and delineation, permitting, mitigation design, working with agencies, and post-construction monitoring and maintenance.
Dr. Hostetler has a PhD in planetary sciences from the University of Arizona.