Christopher Foland

Mr. Foland has over 33 years of experience in LFG control and field supervision and implementation of environmental gas testing, monitoring, and construction services. He conducts field activities in energy resource development for municipal and industrial solid waste site owners and operators, as well as site developers.
Mr. Foland performs LFG construction projects for large public, private waste firms, gas developers, and municipalities. He is experienced in every aspect including design, plan check, cost estimating, project management, oversight of LFG control/recovery system construction, including installation of extraction wells, trench excavation, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe fusion, header line survey and placement, installation of condensate holding tanks, pumps, blowers, and flares (including concrete pads and electrical). He monitors and operates gas recovery collection systems and recovery process plants at landfill sites, participates in landfill gas recovery potential evaluation testing, operates various types of instruments, meters, measuring devices, analytical equipment for landfill gas migration and control system evaluation and control testing. He performs plant startup, shutdown, and maintenance overhauls.