Daniel Gibbs

Dan Gibbs is process engineer experienced in air separation, hydrogen liquefaction, and CO2 purification and liquefaction. He has conducted engineering, commissioning, startup, and operations at facilities in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. At SCS, Dan supports the design of renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities.
Additional experience includes primary process engineering support for 10 multi-plant facilities across North and South America covering air separation, N2 pipeline, CO2 liquefaction, and H2 production and liquefaction. Responsibilities included coordinating operations, logistics, and engineering support teams to plan and execute plant outages; leadign evaluation for $60MM asset group to identify new business opportunities, improve operational strategy, and develop investment plan for 10-year life extension; identifying opportunities for and designed projects to recognize efficiency and production improvements. In one key project, adjusted process equipment to measure five percent efficiency improvement, providing a benefit of half a million dollars per year; and managing a team of six engineers through commissioning of a $4 million retrofit to a nitrogen liquefier.