James Thompson

Mr. Thompson is a Senior Project Professional providing geologic consulting and mapping for both environmental documents and petroleum industry compliance and permitting. He has four years of geologic experience working in the oil and gas industry which afforded him a wide array of geologic mapping experience and knowledge of the software used to display and analyze geologic features. Mr. Thompson previously worked as a production geologist for Aera Energy, LLC for three years and following that he worked in the state of Kansas mapping oil prospects as well as being a well site geologist. His technical skills and capabilities include: Geologic Interpretation; Well Log Interpretation; Preparing documents related to Storm-water compliance; Conducting Environmental Site Assessments; Preparing environmental analyses related to geologic features and site conditions; Constructing isogeochemical maps for groundwater assessment; and Geologic Mapping, preparing maps, and preparing displays using: ArcGIS (Geographic Information System) software, EarthVision (3D Subsurface Modeling), Openworks/Decision Space Desktop software (structure contour maps, isopach maps, cross-section construction, etc.),
Petra (geologic mapping) software, Corel-Technical Drawing software, and
Google Sketchup software.
During his employment as a Production Geologist for Aera Energy LLC, Mr. Thompson was responsible for maintaining and enhancing oil production within the Midway Sunset Oilfield in San Joaquin Valley, California. Parts of his tasks were to develop 3D subsurface models, structure contour maps, isopach maps, cross sections, and geophysical models for reservoir characterization. He was also responsible for evaluating geophysical logs during drilling operations, and making decisions on well completions. Creating net reservoir thickness maps, property maps, and production maps were more of his job duties. He also acted as the daily reporting geologist on exploration wells in the San Joaquin Valley.
During his employment as a well site geologist in Kansas, Mr. Thompson was responsible for examining rock cuttings during drilling of production wells. In the process he was responsible for creating a mud-log and characterizing the reservoir. While working in Kansas, he also mapped potential prospects for drilling new wildcat and production wells.