James Walsh

Jim Walsh SCS Engineers CEO

Jim Walsh, PE, BCEE, is the Chairman of SCS Engineers effective January 1, 2024. He served as our President and CEO for 22 years and is one of our National Experts on Elevated Temperature Landfills. He has worked at the forefront of sustainable solid waste management, sanitary landfills, and landfill gas (LFG) for more than 40 years. Mr. Walsh regularly serves as a Project Director and Reviewing Principal for SCS landfill and LFG projects. His project experience, coupled with his involvement in professional and industrial associations, has earned Mr. Walsh an international reputation in these specialty fields. He has authored numerous publications and technical support documents and presents regularly at environmental conferences.
Practice Areas Have Included:
Leadership in Landfill Engineering. Over 40 years of professional experience on landfill projects. He served as Project Manager and primary author of the U.S. EPA landfill manual. He served as Project Manager and Chief Investigator on several U.S. EPA landfill R&D efforts relating to leachate, gas, and liner/cap performance. He has been engaged on over 100 landfill design and permitting projects, including sites with double composite liner systems. He has managed or directed several successful greenfield and landfill expansion permits with individual design capacities in excess of 25 million tons of solid waste.
Leadership in Landfill Gas. Over 40 years of professional experience on landfill gas (LFG) projects. Past Director of the leading LFG professional organization, the SWANA Landfill Gas Division. Received top award in landfill gas practice, the SWANA Landfill Gas Distinguished Service Award in 1997. He has served as Principal Investigator multiple landfill gas R&D projects for U.S. EPA, U.S. DOE, and Gas Research Institute. He has authored numerous publications and technical support documents in LFG. He has presented dozens of times on LFG at environmental conferences. He has been engaged as chief design engineer, Principal Investigator, or Project Manager on over 300 landfill gas projects over the years. Landfill gas related subjects have included gas migration and control, energy recovery, odor management, and compliance with air and solid waste rules including CAA, NSPS, Title V, NSR, PSD, NESHAP, and Subtitle D.
Leadership on Landfill Fire and Elevated Temperature Landfills. Principal investigator or chief engineer on over thirty dedicated landfill fire and elevated temperature landfill projects. He has provided guidance to landfill operators to avoid landfill fires. He has investigated landfill fires in-situ, and developed management and mitigation programs to address landfill fires and related events when they do occur. He has presented at environmental conferences on the subject of landfill fires. He served on the Ohio EPA Committee formed to address landfill fires and elevated temperature landfills in the state, and assisted in the development of the Ohio EPA Guidance Document on the subject.
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