Jeff Marshall

Mr. Marshall is a Vice President of SCS Engineers, Environmental Services Practice Leader for SCS offices in the Mid-Atlantic region, and our National Expert in Innovative Technologies. He is a licensed professional engineer in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. His over 38 years of experience include a diversified background in project engineering and management, with emphasis on environmental chemistry, hazardous materials/waste and human health risk issues. Focus areas include environmental permitting, regulatory compliance, and hazardous materials treatment/remediation.
Clients have included dozens of Department of Defense facilities (throughout the US, Panama, Japan, Puerto Rico and Italy), scores of state and local governments, municipal maintenance facilities, active and closed landfills, waste-to-energy plants, recycling facilities, airports, R&D facilities, electronics manufacturers, coal-fired and dual-fueled electric power plants and cogeneration plants, potable water treatment and distribution utilities, printing plants, plating shops, petroleum refineries and bulk storage/distribution facilities, fertilizer manufacturing plants, adhesives formulators, polymer manufacturing and extrusion lines, hospitals and healthcare facilities, aluminum extrusion and machining facilities, auto parts manufacturers, explosives manufacturers, electric motor production plants, ore refining facilities, tool manufacturers, metal and wire products manufacturers, steel mills, a lead battery recycling facility, indoor and outdoor firing ranges, nuclear fuel rod manufacturing plants, gasoline stations, dry cleaners, office parks, strip malls, agricultural facilities, pesticide/herbicide sites, a radioactive healthcare products manufacturing facility, pharmaceutical manufacturers, rail lines and railroad maintenance facilities, concrete and refractory manufacturers, and RCRA waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs).
Prior to joining SCS in 1985, Mr. Marshall spent three years with the U.S. Army Chemical Research and Development Center at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Responsibilities included the design of handling, treatment, storage, transportation, and disposal systems for the many hazardous substances (e.g., nerve gas and precursors) used and wastes generated at DOD chemical manufacturing facilities. Mr. Marshall also assisted in the preparation of NEPA Environmental Impact Statements for various chemical production facilities.
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