Karinne Brown (Bedosky)

Karinne Bedosky

Ms. Brown is experienced with Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Landfill Gas monitoring and reporting, soil development oversite, and surface and groundwater assessment and monitoring. She is responsible for coordinating and managing redevelopment of contaminated sites. Project experience includes due diligence and site investigations, environmental studies, soil management oversight, and quarterly sampling and monitoring (groundwater and gas). Facilities include former/current agricultural and commercial sites, lakefills, and landfills.
Ms. Bedosky has technical experience with local regulatory agencies pertaining to the above stated project types and technical knowledge and experience regarding well installation and soil, ground/surface water, and gas sampling/monitoring. Ms. Bedosky has prepared technical reports including the following: assessment, soil management, dust control, and health and safety plans, site assessment, continued monitoring reports and analysis (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and project oversight and implementation reports.