Kyle Kranz

Mr. Kranz nearly four decades of experience in the environmental/pollution control field, with specific emphasis on landfill gas (LFG) migration control and recovery. His experience on LFG projects includes construction; routine operation, monitoring, and maintenance; non-routine repair and emergency call-out response; operation and maintenance of recovery facilities; surface sampling for VOC emissions; and groundwater and soil sample collection/monitoring.
Mr. Kranz is responsible for all phases of project work, including development, management, and technical oversight of field operations; preparation and review of reports; budgeting; and client contact and quality control. He also oversees installation of extraction wells, monitoring wells, condensate collection/containment facilities, leachate control/disposal facilities, blower/flare stations, and energy recovery plants. He has experience in operating heavy equipment such as excavators, loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, man lifts, cranes, water trucks, and dump trucks. He is experienced in surveying, establishment of grades, preparation of as-built documentation, and compilation of field notes.

Mr. Kranz’ experience with LFG recovery systems includes maintenance and adjustment of well fields, compressors, boilers and flares, and distribution pipelines. He also works on remediation projects. These include underground storage tank (UST) excavation and removal projects; chemical and petroleum contaminated soil excavation, transportation, and disposal; and construction of soil vapor extraction systems (VES).

As the western regional construction manager, Mr. Kranz has determined methods of construction and estimating strategies for numerous landfill projects. His project management responsibilities include scheduling, field staff supervision, cost control, and contract administration
He is also experienced in managing subsurface investigations and conducting oversight during remedial activities including source removal and remediation system installation. He holds a certification in 40-Hour HAZWOPER/OSHA training and is a Professional Geologist and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.