Leah Meyer

Ms. Meyer is a project manager for SCS. Her responsibilities include project management, field site management, geologic mapping, data collection for geologic, hydrogeologic, and environmental studies, geologic research, and preparation of geologic, monitoring, and assessment reports. She is experienced in subsurface soil and groundwater contamination investigations, groundwater monitoring well installations and abandonment, and evaluation of environmental impact for risk-based corrective action (RBCA) analysis of LUST sites in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Ms. Meyer has supervised the installation of groundwater monitoring wells and logged subsurface lithology for several hundred boreholes in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Ms. Meyer has also performed countless Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on commercial, industrial, and vacant properties for developers, real estate investment firms, municipalities, financial institutions, insurance companies, and wireless telecommunications companies throughout the country. Additionally, Ms. Meyer has researched and compiled information from various government agencies to complete NEPA Screening Reports, and has conducted numerous asbestos and radon sampling events in conjunction with ESAs, as needed.