Myles Clewner

Mr. Clewner is a Vice President/Project Director and the Manager of the Boca Raton, FL Office. He was also the former Quality Management Coordinator for SCS’s Southeast Business Unit operations. He has a broad and diverse solid waste and environmental engineering background that includes projects in landfill and waste processing facility permitting and compliance. He has practiced solid waste engineering for over 15 years and environmental consulting for over 28 years.
Mr. Clewner’s work has including permitting, monitoring, and investigations. He is experienced in performing and preparing Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments in several states on residential, commercial, and industrial properties, including Superfund sites, coal gasification plants, gasoline filling stations, automotive repair shops, dry cleaners, manufacturing facilities, old closed landfills, illegal abandoned dump sites, commercial strip malls, and residential apartment buildings. His work scope includes site investigations, historic research, regulatory documentation reviews, report preparation, design and implementation of sampling plans (including soil, soil vapor, sludge, sediment, ground water, surface water, air, asbestos, and lead paint investigations), underground storage tank removals, site remediation (including contaminated soil, sludge, and sediment removal), underground injection control system abandonments, and long-term site monitoring. Mr. Clewner is involved in permitting and ensuring the compliance of numerous types of solid waste facilities, including municipal solid waste landfills, construction and demolition debris landfills, material recovery facilities, and municipal solid waste transfer stations. He has prepared applications for new permits, permit renewals, and permit modifications for solid waste construction and operation permits, air construction and operation permits (including Title V permits), water use permits, water well installation permits (including monitoring wells and water supply wells), and hazardous material management permits (including permits for petroleum storage tanks). He has also been involved with the preparation of permit applications for beneficial use determination sites (such as asphalt batch plants retrofitted to accept petroleum contaminated non-hazardous soils as an aggregate) and the preparation of site assessment reports (including site investigations, historic research, regulatory documentation reviews, monitoring well installation, gas probe installation, ground water monitoring, surface water monitoring, soil monitoring, and landfill gas monitoring) for regulatory approval of site development plans for old closed landfills. Mr. Clewner has also been involved with compliance work related to numerous solid waste facilities. This work has included coordination and reporting of routine and compliance ground water monitoring events, surface water monitoring events, leachate monitoring events, landfill gas surface emissions monitoring events, landfill gas migration (perimeter probe) monitoring events, and site-specific hydrogen sulfide monitoring events. Additional compliance work has included the preparation of updated financial closure cost estimates, Major Air Pollution Source Annual Emissions Fee submissions, Title V Statement of Compliance reports, Annual Operating Report (AOR) submissions for Air Pollutant Emitting Facilities, New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) reports, Multi-Sector Generic Permit Discharge Monitoring Reports, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. Mr. Clewner also reviews leachate analytical reports to ensure compliance with permits and contracts for leachate disposal at city and county wastewater disposal facilities.