Paul Schafer

Mr. Paul Schafer is a Vice President and Project Director at SCS Engineers, and our National Expert on Ambient Air Monitoring. During his technical career at SCS and SCS Tracer Environmental, Mr. Schafer has assumed key roles on several nationally significant monitoring efforts. He has in-depth experience interfacing with regulatory agencies regarding the performance of monitoring systems, source emission tests, and continuous process monitors which are operated for our clientele. He has had direct working experience with the San Luis Obispo County APCD, San Joaquin Valley APCD, Imperial County APCD, South Coast AQMD, Santa Barbara APCD, San Diego County APCD, California Air Resources Board, EPA Region IX, and the General Services Administration regarding monitoring programs and air quality impact assessments. He is also experienced in liquids management.
Mr. Schafer offers decisive management skills, which contribute to the success of monitoring programs under his purview. Cost control management and defensible technical performance are primary goals integral to all of the long-term monitoring programs that he manages. Mr. Schafer has developed close business relationships with manufacturers and vendors in the ambient air quality monitoring field.
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