Philip Carrillo

Mr. Carrillo is the Director of SCS’s Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) systems and is SCS’s National Expert on RMC. He has nearly 20 years of experience in groundwater control and monitoring systems (GWCMS), water supply systems (WSS), solid waste and landfill gas (LFG) management, including remote monitoring, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), control systems, and the operation and maintenance (O&M) of LFG collection and treatment systems (LFGCCSs).
Mr. Carrillo has managed all aspects of LFGCCSs, including wellfields and flares, and LFG-to-energy (LFGE) controls, design, O&M, and construction management. His unique combination of field operations management experience and control systems technical expertise adds tremendous value to any SCS team assigned to an OM&M project.
Mr. Carrillo has designed over 110 remote monitoring and SCADA systems that had comprehensive control logic (Programmable Logic Controllers [PLCs]) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) capabilities. He understands the complex issues that must be addressed to optimize LFG system performance and to maintain regulatory compliance. He has performed, installed, and repaired LFG control systems, and has been responsible for implementing upgrades to computer and communication systems vital to compliance management. This has included troubleshooting system components, coordinating with field technical personnel, interfacing with vendors and landfill operations personnel, ordering materials and equipment, and overseeing LFGCCS repairs and upgrades.
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