Robert Butler

Mr. Butlerhas decades of experience in landfill gas systems, industrial waste remediation, hazardous waste remediation and methane gas recovery construction. His background includes estimating, scheduling, quality control and project management. As regional manager, Mr. Butler’s project management responsibilities include scheduling, field staff supervision, cost control, and contract administration. He has completed projects encompassing numerous project scopes including landfill gas system installation and expansion, landfill gas migration remediation, landfill gas well drilling and installation, and leachate forcemain construction. These landfill gas projects include gas extraction well installation, collection header lines, high density polyethylene pipe fusion, polyvinyl chloride pipe installation, installation of condensate/leachate containment and collection facili­ties, installation of blower/flare station mechanical equipment (including concrete pads, blowers, flares, compressors, conden­sate tanks, pumps, flame arrestors, electrical panels, etc.), repair of landfill cover systems, erosion and sediment controls, and landfill revegetation.