Robert Dick

Bob Dick is a Senior Vice President of SCS Engineers. He is an experienced civil and environmental engineer with expertise in solid and hazardous waste management. He manages SCS’s operations in the Richmond, Virginia office. Mr. Dick has performed landfill and landfill gas engineering projects in more than 15 states and several foreign countries. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia and North Carolina.
He has worked on numerous major landfill multi-task assignments involving new landfill cell construction, vertical and lateral expansion, closure, post-closure care, groundwater monitoring, phasing operations, and financial assurance, and has performed over 150 landfill gas projects involving landfill gas migration control, odor control, emissions control and Clean Air Act compliance, energy recovery/utilization, and carbon credit monetization. Other project assignments have involved work related to material recovery facility permitting and operations, solid waste management planning, air permitting at industrial facilities, stormwater management, storage tanks, brownfields projects, and wetlands.