Stacie Whitmer

Ms. Whitmer is an Environmental Scientist and Project Manager with SCS Engineers. She has over seventeen years of experience in environmental consulting. Project experience includes site assessments, extent of contamination studies, landfill flare and gas monitoring systems, groundwater sampling and statistical analysis of groundwater data, regulatory compliance, and NPDES services.
Ms. Whitmer has worked with several solid waste disposal facilities in Arkansas to help bring the Landfills into compliance with applicable Federal and State solid waste regulations. In particular, she has prepared several groundwater sampling and analysis plans, statistical and contingency plans, and explosive gas monitoring plans for several landfill sites.
Ms. Whitmer also has extensive experience in managing groundwater sampling, statistics utilizing Sanitas for GroundwaterTM and DumpstatTM statistical programs, reporting, and compliance associated with solid and hazardous waste landfills. In addition, she has performed many geologic, hydrogeologic, and compliance projects associated with solid and hazardous waste landfills.