Timothy Smith

Mr. Smith is the Leader of our Liquids Management/Anaerobic Digestion Initiative (which encompasses landfill leachate, industrial wastewater, Ag-Gas, and AD). Tim has more than two decades of experience in civil and environmental engineering, including program and operations management. Tim is passionate about wastewater treatment, and he is a talented business developer, a strategic thinker, an effective collaborator, a builder of people, and is dedicated to solving our clients’ liquids management challenges. He also supports economic development through the design, construction, and implementation of environmental remediation systems and the restoration of large-scale brownfield redevelopment of properties to pristine condition. His experience includes various large scale brownfield redevelopment projects, military projects including munitions response programs, and petroleum, aerospace, transportation, and industrial projects.
During his career, he also supported the Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) and other industries that protect the public and the environment from the potential hazards associated with military or operations in the petroleum, aerospace, solid waste, and transportation industries. His work experience includes NPDES compliancy and liquids treatment systems for effluents and processes for industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.
Tim is a Professional Engineer registered in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. He is also a Qualified SWPPP Practitioner/Developer. He is a member of ASCE, SAME, Partnership for Environmental Progress, and the National Ground Water Association.
Previously, Smith managed environmental consulting activities for the Design-Build Joint Venture (DBJV) for the Mobile River Bridge and Bayway project. The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) $2 billion project funded by a public private partnership relieves traffic congestion, and includes increasing vertical clearance assuring continued operations of Mobile’s maritime industry while raising the Bayway above the 100-year storm surge level. The project is of economic and environmental importance; spanning an industrial area of Mobile and five rivers, including waters of the United States, wetlands, and threatened and endangered (T&E) species habitats. The environmental scope of work for the current bridge and Bayway alignment includes review and evaluation of 20 industrial sites with impacted soil and ground water, review and evaluation of potential impacts to wetlands and T&E species, and identifying and mitigating risks associated with permitting and compliance for the project given the involvement of numerous State and Federal agencies.
Contact Tim at or 351-459-5049