Zachary Christ

Zack Christ, PE, is an experienced civil engineer. He serves as a project manager on landfill design projects, including permit applications to federal, state, and local regulators; and construction quality assurance (CQA) oversight of large landfill construction projects, including staff management and training. He also performs site characterizations and hydrological and geotechnical analyses. In addition, Mr. Christ assists with the siting, zoning, design, and permitting of solid waste management facilities, including municipal solid waste landfills, CCR landfill, and transfer stations.
Hydrological analyses include computer modeling of storm events and ditch and basin design. Geotechnical analyses include slope stability, geosynthetic design, foundation stability, and settlement (includes seismic analyses).
In addition, he assists in evaluating existing facilities for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations; performs site assessments; and develops cost estimates and material quantities for construction and engineering projects.
He also performs floodplain studies and delineations, and prepares permit applications for construction within a floodway, including computer modeling and floodplain mapping. He has also performed field duties including CQA officer tasks and responsibilities, and field monitoring for numerous applications.