Air Emissions – Republic Services Landfills, California

SCS Engineers has provided comprehensive air quality, landfill gas (LFG) and greenhouse gas (GHG) services for Republic’s landfills throughout California. These services have included:

  • Preparation of AB 32 mandatory GHG reports for regulated landfills.
  • Assistance in compliance with the EPA GHG mandatory reporting rule.
  • Evaluation of applicability and compliance status with the upcoming AB 32 landfill methane rule.
  • Preparation of annual GHG inventories for California landfills for inclusion in reports to the CCAR.
  • Regulatory advocacy on air, GHG and LFG issues with various air districts, CARB and the CIWMB.
  • Air permitting and compliance for landfills and landfill equipment.
  • Title V, NSPS and NESHAPs (SSM) periodic compliance reports.
  • CEQA air, GHG and risk assessment analyses for landfill expansions.
  • Surface emissions monitoring and GCCS/well casing monitoring.
  • O&M of LFG and leachate systems and blower/flare station.
  • Probe design, installation and monitoring.
  • Well field expansion design.
  • LFG Master Plans, LFG system due diligence assessments and construction management.
  • Flare and header design/build.

SCS Engineers has performed some or all of these services for the Otay, Sycamore, Borrego, Imperial and Ramona Landfills in San Diego County.