Biosolids Compost Pilot Test: Frederick County, Virginia

Winchester, Virginia


Frederick County, Virginia, selected SCS to conduct a biosolids compost pilot test at the Frederick County Regional Landfill to evaluate the composting of biosolids using covered aerated static pile (ASP) technology. The biosolid material consisted of polymer-amended digestate provided by the Frederick-Winchester Service Authority (FWSA). SCS’ services include design, permitting, construction, operations, and other related services.


The objective of the biosolids compost pilot test was to evaluate biosolids’ composting using GORE® Cover technology. The pilot test was a preliminary step to evaluate the feasibility of using covered ASP composting for biosolids from the FWSA. If the end product meets the requirements for a Class A biosolid, biosolid compost could be used for soil amendment at the landfill, on County projects, or sold to the public if a separate market study indicates a demand.

The County wanted to conduct a pilot test to assess proof of concept, technically and economically, before implementing a full-scale, permanent composting operation.

Outcomes and Benefits

SCS provided an SG Mobile™ System, using the GORE® Cover System, to conduct the pilot test. We processed three different batches of biosolids over six months to gather useful data on the composting process, composting costs, and product quality. Each batch included biosolids mixed with about 200 cubic yards of wood chips.

The pilot test demonstrated that composting biosolids can produce a high-quality compost that meets EPA regulatory requirements for Class A use using the covered aerated static pile method. The County plans to evaluate the feasibility of a full-scale composting facility, including market demand, land area needs, capital costs, and operational costs.

Batch 1 shown in process, including the cover and aeration pipe.


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