Coal Ash and Industrial Landfill – Lined-Bottom Storage Facility, Big Bend Plant, Tampa, Florida

SCS Engineers Coal Ash Storage
Big Bend Facility

SCS Engineers provided engineering and construction services for several industrial landfills for coal ash and other coal combustion by-products at the Big Bend Power Plant of the Tampa Electric Company. Services included studies, design, regulatory coordination and construction services, including design-build.

The first major project was the south bottom ash separation facility at the Big Bend Station, which is a 6.5-acre pond originally lined in 1984 with an 80-mil high-density polyethylene geomembrane. The geomembrane liner was in poor condition, with damage from heavy equipment and deterioration of seams, and the pond subgrade was eroding. SCS prepared an evaluation report, including recommendations on corrective actions, and assisted Tampa Electric with Consent Order negotiations with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Tampa Electric then authorized SCS to proceed with the final design and construction of the pond repairs and the liner replacement under a fast-track design-build contract.

SCS completed the final design and the construction of the south pond project in less than 60 days, meeting the deadline imposed by the Consent Order. As a part of our services, SCS provided full construction quality assurance of the new liner system as required by with state regulations and prepared a certification of construction completion report for FDEP.