Commercial Recycling and Food Waste Technical Assistance, Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority, Walnut Creek, California

In October 2016, the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority hired SCS Engineers to perform recycling and organics technical assistance to increase diversion. There are three projects for the Authority:

  • Recycling Technical Assistance – Entire JPA Area
  • Recycling Technical Assistance – City of Walnut Creek
  • Food Waste Recycling Assistance – Entire JPA Area

The two recycling technical assistance projects are focused on visiting 2,400 businesses to perform a site visit that includes a visual characterization of the trash containers, a walk-through of the facility and a discussion with the manager or owner to evaluate if there are diversion opportunities. Staff will provide recommendations of additional recycling and organics services, downsizing of trash containers and an overall review of other assistance needed such as providing outreach materials, staff training, recycling and organics containers, etc.

The food waste recycling assistance project is focused on visiting 280 businesses that currently have food waste containers. The purpose is to provide additional outreach materials and training to provide clean material to the local sewer treatment facility that uses an anaerobic digestion system. The field staff is also assisting with increasing diversion to capture all organic material produced at the business.