Compliance Reporting – Comprehensive Air Quality, LFG and GHG Services, San Diego County Department of Public Works

SCS Engineers provides comprehensive air quality, landfill gas (LFG) and greenhouse gas (GHG) services at the following landfills in San Diego County: Bell Junior High, Bonsall, Gillespie, Hillsborough, Jamacha, Palomar, Poway, San Marcos and Valley Center.

These services have included:

  • Title V, NSPS and NESHAPs periodic compliance reports
  • Evaluation of applicability and compliance status with the EPA GHG mandatory reporting rule, including development of monitoring plans
  • Evaluation of applicability and compliance status with the upcoming AB 32 landfill methane rule
  • Preparation of annual emissions inventories
  • Regulatory advocacy on air, GHG and LFG issues with SDC/APCD, CARB and the CIWMB
  • Air permitting and compliance for landfills and various landfill equipment
  • SDC/APCD operating permit variance applications, higher operating value requests and alternative remedy/timeline requests for surface emissions exceedances
  • Quarterly surface emissions monitoring
  • Monthly well casing and GCCS emissions monitoring
  • Wellfield monitoring, tuning and reporting
  • Blower/flare operations and maintenance (O&M) and O&M of condensate systems
  • Probe design, installation and monitoring
  • Well field expansion design and construction