Compliance Reporting – Various Clients in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico

SCS Engineers has completed air quality compliance reviews, audits and reports for more than 100 facilities in the southwestern United States. Facilities have included landfills, biogas to energy plants and various industrial facilities. Sources include landfills, flares, engines, turbines, composting operations, carbon adsorption units, vapor recovery systems, painting operations and booths, emission control equipment, and various manufacturing equipment and operations. The types of reports are detailed below:

  • Title V annual compliance certification and semi-annual monitoring reports
  • Deviation and breakdown reports and excess emission reporting
  • Variance applications and reports
  • NSPS and EG semi-annual compliance reports
  • NESHAP compliance reports and SSM semi-annual reports
  • Performance and stack test protocols and reports
  • Air quality assessment and audit reports
  • Alternative compliance plans and reports
  • Annual emission reports
  • Compliance documentation required by rules, permits, or compliance plans