Construction: Landfill Gas Migration Prevention System, Hagerstown, MD

Hancock Landfill, Hagerstown, MD

hagerstown landfillBackground
Upon closing the Hancock Landfill, Washington County sought technical advice on control measures to prevent any landfill gas from going offsite. In order to assure that landfill gas would not escape the landfill property, a deep mitigation system was required along the perimeter of the landfill in native soil.

The mitigation system was required to extend below the surface over 35 ft., which is a dangerous excavation if excavated manually with an excavator. SCS’s approach was to utilize One Pass Trenching  capable of excavating a 35 ft. deep continuous trench safely.

Outcome and Benefit
The installation of a prevention system was executed flawlessly, keeping employees a safe distance from the open excavation. The system excavates, remove soils, installs stone and piping even during inclement weather, saving time and money. This is especially valuable for landfill gas solutions which can create compliance issues and fines if not attended to quickly as done at  Hancock Landfill.