Greenhouse Gas – CalRecycle

The State of California has established annual mandatory reporting of GHG emissions for significant sources and has set emission limits to cut the state’s GHG emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. In response to the debate over landfill GHG emissions estimates, the California Energy Commission (CEC) is conducting a study on landfill methane emissions and capture efficiencies to improve overall estimation of landfill GHG emissions and reductions. SCS Engineers was hired by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB, now CalRecycle) to complete a study that will complement the existing CEC study by providing guidance on ways to achieve landfill GHG reductions, which could then be measured by the methodologies being evaluated in the CEC study. The objective of this study is to evaluate landfill technologies and practices and to recommend practical and cost effective site-specific measures to reduce GHGs from landfills in the state.

SCS’s responsibilities on this project include:

  • Convening a group of stakeholders to review the project in consultation with CalRecycle.
  • Reviewing and summarizing available literature on the technologies and practices for reducing GHG emissions from landfills.
  • Preparing draft and final reports as well as progress reports.
  • Presenting draft final report at a stakeholder workshop and final report to the CalRecycle.
  • Developing and evaluating technologies and management practices for cost and effectiveness in GHG reductions including, but not limited to, design, construction, and operational practices for:

— LFG collection systems

— LFG flare and other control systems

— LFG recovery systems

— Landfill waste management unit design and construction practices

— Landfill operational practices including: daily cell development and construction; waste acceptance and placement; leachate recirculation and bioreactor landfill operation; and daily, intermediate and final cover materials and practices

— Use of compost and other recycled materials for GHG reduction

— Landfill closure and post-closure maintenance practices including partial closure

— Other practices to reduce GHG including those that may reduce potential GHG other than methane