Greenhouse Gas – Multi-Year Worldwide GHG Inventory Reporting Verification, Levi-Strauss and Company

Founded in 1853, Levi Strauss & Company (LS&CO) is one of the world’s largest brand-Greenhouse Gas Servicesname apparel marketers with sales in over 110 countries. LS&CO employs a staff of over 10,000 people worldwide in three different geographic divisions: Levis Strauss Americas (LSA), Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East, and North Africa (LSEMA), and Asia Pacific Division (APD). LS&CO products are sold through approximately 60,000 retail locations worldwide, including 260 company-operated stores, and approximately 1,500 franchise stores around the world.

For this project, SCS Engineers performed an independent third-part verification of LS&CO’s 2008-2011 worldwide GHG emissions report, as reported voluntarily to The Climate Registry. To accomplish this task, SCS reviewed all emissions statements (electricity, general stationary combustion and transportation-related), and performed on-site inspection visits to distribution and manufacturing facilities located in Poland, Vietnam, South Africa, Turkey and throughout the United States.

SCS also performed independent third-party auditing and verification of energy and water reduction clams associated with environmentally friendly clothing lines being developed by LS&CO. We completed manufacturing process auditing and verification of reduction in both energy and water usage.