Groundwater Monitoring for CCR Units – Surface Mine Reclamation Project, Mid-Atlantic Region

SCS Engineers provided site investigation, engineering and permitting services related to the modification of an existing surface mining permit to allow the use of coal combustion residuals (CCR) as fill material. State regulations required installation of a bottom liner and leachate collection system where any CCR is deposited.

The services we performed included:

  • installation of piezometers
  • evaluation of groundwater elevation data
  • preparation of bottom-liner grading plan & final grading plan
  • volume (airspace) estimates
  • bottom liner details
  • leachate collection & storage
  • wetland delineation

The permit modification was granted.

SCS developed and implemented a groundwater and surface water monitoring program in support of the project, including design of an appropriate monitoring network and selection of statistical methods to evaluate the resulting data. A focus of the groundwater work was to develop an extensive database of background conditions such that, as geochemical changes are imposed in the subsurface, we will be able to differentiate natural substances mobilized in the soil from possible releases from the facility.